Introduction to a New Mind Set 

We in the music industry face a never ending, and challenging environment.

While some studios and independent labels struggle to survive, others will emerge even stronger.

How can you give your dream studio and new company an edge over the competition?

Making the right decisions, based on your unique strengths, is more critical than ever.

Whether your goal is to enter the Music Industry… Maintain your market position… or improve it,

Flawless execution is a must.

It is even more crucial to know what it takes to succeed.

The Dream

There is nothing as fragile as a dream of stepping into the music business...

But how do you develop your new studio business in a way that it not only gains momentum, but actually takes on a life of its own and becomes an extension of whom and what you are??

You have to make the commitment Then stick with it and follow it all the way through. Of course, this is easier said than done. Come on we all know that life happens, and everyday circumstances can stop you dead in your tracks.

This is why it’s so essential to have a foolproof plan to keep you going despite your lack of time, knowledge or resources. Did you know that according to surveys 66 percent of American adults say they’ve considered starting a business?

Nevertheless, many never take the leap. Remember this: Getting started is not about knowing exactly what to do. There’s plenty of expert advice within your reach about the nuts and bolts of all aspects of business: from writing the plan to implementing marketing strategies to finding capital. ..

However having the right information doesn’t guarantee you’ll put it into practice.

The act of the start-up is really about setting yourself up with a system that provides clear direction and keeps you moving forward no matter what challenges you face. Lack of inertia is the number-one killer of great ideas. Take a clue from Newton’s first law of motion: Bodies in motion stay in motion. I hope these books will help you look outside of the normal box which most of us in the Music Industry live in… I hope it helps you to begin living your dream.

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